Reflective roof coating with excellent cooling performance

ThermoActive is the roof coating with cooling effect. It ensures cooler rooms under hot sun. ThermoActive extends the life of the roof structure and reduces the temperature inside the building. This protects the roof structure and reduces the energy demand of the air conditioning systems.

All coatings of ClimateCoating© are based on the reflective membrane technology and have a purely physical effect. The environmentally friendly and high-performance coatings have been convincing users worldwide since 2003 with their special properties and high cost-effectiveness.

SICC Coatings

High reflection values – almost like snow

ThermoActive roof coating can reflect over 91% of the sunlight. This is a proven peak value. Pure snow reflects 100% of the sunlight.

Cost reduction through passive air conditioning

The reflective ThermoActive coating absorbs moisture, which evaporates and cools when exposed to sunlight. It works even if the roof is not coated in white. Relatively high cooling performance through evaporation is achieved even with darker colors. This leads to a reduction in cooling related energy consumption and consequently in a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Extended service life of the roof construction

The excellent elasticity of ThermoActive makes it possible to bridge roof cladding joints without any problems and that at temperatures from -40°C to +150°C. The roof remains waterproof. The coating is extremely robust and can resist environmental influences such as acids, alkalis, ozone, nitrogen- and sulfur oxides. The coating is also extremely UV-resistant and has an excellent long-term stability. The coating doesn’t brittle, flake or weather. All together this extends the life of the roof construction and reduces maintenance costs.


ThermoActive – Technical data sheet

ThermoActive – Material safety data sheet

ThermoActive – Product brochure


ThermoActive acts like a passive air conditioner due to its properties and ensures cooler rooms under hot sun.

The innovative formula in combination with its high-quality materials ensure that a flexible and reflective membrane with excellent properties is formed after the coating is applied:

  • very high sunlight reflection
  • long-term material durability
  • above-average elasticity and robustness
  • waterproof and able to withstand heavy rainfall
  • temperature resistance from -40 to + 150°C

Video: That's cool. Passive cooling redefined. The coating with ThermoActive makes it possible.


Further Properties

high and durable UV-resistance



gab/joint bridging

high resistance against acids, alkalis, ozone, nitrogen and sulfur oxides

Colour Tone

100,000 color shades

high colour stability


paint roller


spraying method

Packaging Units

19,0 (= 5,02 gal) / 12,5 / 5,0 l

600 ml/m² on smooth, not highly absorbent surfaces with 2 applications

with additional fiber embedding up to 1,000 ml/m² with 2-fold application

SICC Coatings

Areas of application

Roof Types

SICC Coatings

flat roof

pointed roof

pitched roof

commercial real estate and private houses


SICC Coatings

ferrous metal

non-ferrous metal


synthetic fibres

old and new plaster

intact old coatings

Climate Zones

SICC Coatings

warm temperate climate

subtropical climate

tropical climate

cold temperate climate

Customer Goals

SICC Coatings

saving of cooling energy

surface robustness

water tightness against driving rain

reduction of thermal stresses

Read about the practical example, Malaysia and the extract from the original report of interdisciplinary research in the brochure on pages 6 and 7.

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ThermoActive-Supervisor: Marius Sprenger
Application specialist: Franziska Felsch
Marketing: Detlef Steiert
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